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    I am not sure what to try. The only person I use BBM with is my wife. We both have a Priv on AT&T. I've never had any trouble with either phone. I've had mine for over a year, and hers almost that long. BBM has worked flawlessly through all the updates.

    Two days ago, I sent her a message, she replied, I sent another back, and it showed "delivered" but not read. Then, she couldn't send to me, and anything I sent to her no longer showed as "delivered," but is had a checkmark indicating it sent.

    We both did a 32-second reboot, but it still was not working . . . then, it was. After a day and a half, it started working again. That was Monday evening. It worked until this morning (Wed), and not it's not working again.

    I am not sure what to check. And, I don't know anyone else that uses BBM. But, I think it's her phone, not mine. If I compose a message and press send, it shows a check mark. If she composes a message and presses send, it just shows the clock - not sending.

    She can sms text me just fine, and no other apps on her phone are indicating problems. Does anybody know what I can try? We have both made sure that the latest BBM is installed.
    10-03-18 05:28 PM
  2. BlkHoneyBadger6's Avatar
    Hello, you are not the only person having this problem. I have a BlackBerry motion and have not been able to send / receive messages. I noticed it the other day when massaging someone. I then tried to send a message to myself with my Z30. it took a day for me to receive it. I just support an email notifying them that it is not working.
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    10-03-18 07:26 PM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    10-03-18 07:43 PM
  4. Got2GetAway's Avatar
    I decided to go into town and login on a public WiFi at McDonald's. BBM started working then. it's odd because we have excellent WiFi connection in both homes in town. I did notice a slight difference in AT&T connection. returned home to have no BBM connection again. I'm stumped.
    10-04-18 12:28 PM
  5. SkiBerryDude's Avatar
    Thank you. Didn't search there before posting, since I thought it might be Priv specific.

    Glad to know it's not just me, but frustrated that nobody knows why, or how to fix it.
    10-04-18 04:53 PM
  6. Got2GetAway's Avatar
    BBM up this morning.
    10-05-18 08:00 AM

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