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    Hi- my brain is burned out going in circles on this one. I had a Priv until I lost it . I still have hope it will be found. In the meantime I got a new SIM card and am using my old Z10. From what I can see on the web the BBID could not be shared with the new company that took over Blackberry phones. I do not know if this has anything to do with my problem or not.

    So I had my long time personal BBID transferred to the Priv a year or two ago. All was good. Phone is gone now and I can't log in to BB ID with that phone and BBM is identified with the Priv. Now over to the Z10 . Opening BBM I see, for a short time, "transferring your data" or similar. Sometimes it opens and stays on The Blackberry Id (my email) is already associated with another device. Do you want to switch your BBM information to your current device (the Z10). If I tap Switch BBM, or in the former case, the short transferring data message - in either case, it goes to "Temporary Server Error. a Temporary Server Error has occurred. Please try later."

    This message led me to reading about the splitting of the data between old BB and new company BB- but I do not know if that is relevant.
    Can you see why my head is swimming?

    if I could find the Priv I could release the BB ID form that device but then.... I would not have to, being more than happy to go Priv!
    05-25-18 03:21 PM

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