1. Manoj144's Avatar
    After an update, vibration on touch, calls, alarm is not working . Pl give solution to recover it....
    06-16-18 04:29 AM
  2. Manoj144's Avatar
    has somebody experience the same ??
    06-16-18 12:39 PM
  3. ajoh99's Avatar
    Yes. My vibrate motor died about 2 months ago. I dropped the phone from waist-height to a floor (with carpet). Screen is fine (I have one of the sliding cases to provide some shock-absorption but no glass screen protector), but since then, no vibrate. I have dropped the phone many times before this, but I guess this time was just the correct angle to break the motor.

    I decided against buying a new phone just for the vibration. It's annoying, but I am also not trying to take the phone apart to repair it myself.

    I have seen in other threads that several other people have had the vibrate motor die (randomly, without dropping), and then come back to life months later.

    Just cross your fingers it comes back!
    06-21-18 09:44 AM
  4. BlackberryPrivUzer's Avatar
    What bugs me is that the phone doesn't vibrate when it is in battery saver mode. I think their should be a setting to have vibration with battery saver on.
    06-21-18 02:10 PM
  5. Geist84's Avatar
    our priv seems to have problems with vibration in vibrate mode. It doesn't always working when I have messages or notification. Sometimes it works, sometimes dont.

    But when I check with BB Virtual Expert, the vibration still works evertime I check.

    Did anyone have the same problem? How can it fix?
    12-28-18 08:31 PM

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