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    I had dtek tell me the os was modified and I plan to do a reset. Before that I was making sure everything was backed up. I discovered that my calendar had never been synchronized to my Gmail account. (I never use the Web calendar, all events created and used on the priv)

    In searching, I found that the option to enable calendar sync doesn't exist under accounts (app data then contacts with no calendar toggle) for the primary Gmail email account. I can add another email account and sync that calendar both directions (events created in calendar app and events created online sync to the other).

    I'm afraid to remove the primary account and re-add in case it deletes the data as its not backed up anywhere as far as I can tell and I just can't lose everything in the calendar. It also won't let me open/edit events in that calendar and move them to the second Gmail account (the account name doesn't have the drop down box for events already created).

    Everything is up to date (priv -1; 6.0.1 June 5 patch; calendar My best guess is that I added the Gmail account right after I got the priv and at that point there were calendar bugs or priv bugs that persisted ever since. Something else of note, I have an account called "BBM groups - calendar events" it wouldn't be saved there since it's using my Gmail account, right?

    Any ideas? Anyone know a way to save all calendar data to a local file? Help please! And thanks!

    06-21-17 10:56 AM
  2. M A R I's Avatar
    nevermind, priv is now dead, calendar is lost.
    06-23-17 02:45 AM

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