1. markcroninbsc@yahoo.com's Avatar
    Is it just me or does the battery life change with every second monthly update? Its as if they fix some bug then somebody in there keeps changing it back again.

    Mine last easily a day, if i don't use much internet i can squeeze two days out of it. But about 5 times i the last year, the day after i update the battery life changes to needing a charge in the late evening if i've used it more than lightly during the day. then after the next monthly update it goes back to being great again.
    11-15-17 07:02 AM
  2. GM1971's Avatar
    I don't know about updates, but for some reason I believe that if I don't clear my cache and browsing history every so often, my battery life tanks. My phone was a total pig a couple days ago, and it's usually pretty good, so I cleared it and the battery drain seems to be as good as ever again.
    11-15-17 11:21 AM

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