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    Hello all,

    So here's another issue, it's a fairly minor one but not sure if I'm alone.

    So I just got a STV100-4 not even 2 days ago and it runs quite well, mind you I knew exactly what I was getting into when buying it, but for 224€ can't complain.

    So the battery percentage indicator onthe status bar skips digits, like it would go from 98 to 96, 66 to 64, etc... it's not always consistent with odd or even digits but just wanted to hear your thoughts on that.

    Still love the device, amazing form factor, good to have along a KEYone... This battery is fine after having done pretty much all tips and tricks in the book such as: scale res to 1920x1080, power saving mode, location and most google draining stuff off etc.
    11-10-17 04:41 AM

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