1. siglerm's Avatar
    Hi. I noticed that when I get a lot of text messages I get a huge drain on the battery. I used to use Yaata but now using Verizon Messenger + because I had too many instances where texts weren't delivered. But in 2hrs time I am seeing a 2% drain from Messenger+ and also for some dumb reason, a 1% from Spectrum (used to be Time Warner). I am not even using the Spectrum app so I don't understand. Any ideas on why I have the battery drain from Spectrum and whether I need to consider a different texting app?
    04-15-17 09:32 AM
  2. rbtg's Avatar
    it might not have anything to do with apps ,verizon lately dropped the reception a lot .
    in my house i used to have full bars now 1 or 2 ,if i keep my phone in my pocket i can hear "verizon wireless loss of signal".
    when that happen the battery it's draining way faster .
    if you want to eliminate apps draining disable or uninstall apps that you don't use or replace them with browser shortcuts
    04-15-17 10:04 AM
  3. Nels's Avatar
    I've been having a problem with battery drain over the last month or so. Yesterday I sent my logs to BlackBerry and they said I should run in safe mode for a while (up to 24 hours) and see if battery usage improved. As soon as I booted up in safe mode I noticed some apps missing that I really like. So I stopped after only a half hour or so. The strange thing is my battery has been MUCH better today. I can't explain it, but it was less hassle than reloading the operating system so if you are having problems I say give it a try.
    04-15-17 03:40 PM
  4. siglerm's Avatar
    Thanks. So how do I start up or run in "safe" mode?
    04-15-17 05:38 PM
  5. bluesqueen23's Avatar
    Thanks. So how do I start up or run in "safe" mode?
    Hold down volume down button & power button for 32 seconds. When it reboots, choose safe mode.
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    04-15-17 05:49 PM
  6. Nels's Avatar
    Here is a link to the full how to

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    04-15-17 08:55 PM

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