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    I had an odd email issue that I eventually needed to report to BlackBerry support.

    A contact was sending emails with jpg files from Outlook for Android to my imap account. You could see the paperclip in the Hub showing there was an attachment, but when you opened the email, there was no paperclip and no attachment. Opening the email on our BB10 devices worked fine, and it worked fine using the Gmail app on the Priv; just not the Hub. The odd thing was that when you forwarded the email, THEN the attachments showed up. It was really odd.

    So I deleted and reinstalled the account , looked online for solutions, looked in settings and found nothing. So I called BlackBerry support. And they were amazing. They followed up in detail to ensure they understood the problem, they asked questions, and kept in contact throughout to let me know how things were proceeding. In the end what fixed the issue was the most recent Hub update. I suppose that bug was squashed.

    Anyway, huge kudos to the folks at BlackBerry. They took the issue seriously and were very helpful.

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    08-27-16 08:02 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    nice to know there is still good help available!!!
    08-27-16 08:31 PM
  3. c_bryant34's Avatar
    Glad to hear it all got resolved.
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    08-28-16 12:05 PM

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