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    Android 6.0 Marshmallow, thoroughly reviewed | Ars Technica

    While Google is fixing control problems, it seems to be creating new abuse avenues at the same time. The new Doze and App Standby features sound great, but both of them can be bypassed by developers just by flagging their GCM push notifications as "high-priority."

    Right now a custom update still needs to be built for every single individual device model, and that's really not a workable solution when you have more than 24,000 models out there. The Stagefright vulnerability seemed to be a wakeup call for the Android ecosystem, but it came too late to affect anything in Marshmallow. Google instituted monthly updates for Nexus devices, and OEMs are pledging to bring the monthly update program to flagship devices. The majority of Android devices, though—the low-end devices—are being ignored. Monthly updates for Google, Samsung, and LG flagships only works out to a very small percentage of the Android install base.

    Android is far, far behind the competition when it comes to device security. The only real solution we can see is a Windows Update-style system that can send centralized updates to every device. This would require architecting the way OEMs and carriers handle software, but something needs to change so that there's a real update and security solution for every Android device and every Android user. If you've got a Nexus device, the Android security update speed is still slow thanks to the rollout system, but at least it exists. For everyone else, maybe there will be something for you in the next version.

    The Good
    The new home screen adds tons of genuinely useful features. App Search, predictive apps, vertical scrolling, and the uninstall shortcut are all great time savers. The new permissions system lets users give informed consent to access their data while keeping them in the loop about breaking things from permission denial. Developers get to have a dialog with the user about why they need a permission, and old apps are fed fake data so they can be denied access without crashing. "Adoptable Storage" finally makes SD cards as good as internal storage. Now if only there were Marshmallow devices with SD cards. The fingerprint API isn't groundbreaking even among the Android devices, but it's the kind of ecosystem building that only Google can do.

    The Bad
    There still isn't auto rotate support for the home screen. Google teased us in the developer preview but the feature was cut. The new permissions page is a great first step, but it doesn't list all of the access to the system an app actually has. Special settings like "Notification Access," access to the accessibilities framework, and more are scattered all over the settings. Apps can opt out of power saving features like Doze and App Standby just by changing their priority settings. We don't trust developers to play by the rules.

    The Ugly
    There is still no solution for getting Marshmallow out to the billion+ devices out there.
    10-12-15 04:28 AM
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    Man no auto rotate? It blows my mind that manufactures like lg, Samsung, sony, and many others have either a quick led flashlight toggle or a toggle to disable auto rotate and yet Google's stock Android does not.

    I think Google was showing off the ability to rotate your screen on the home screen... You've been able to do this using nova launcher for years..

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    10-12-15 07:46 AM

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