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    After using the phone for a week, Ars Technica posted their full review of the Priv (as opposed to the Nov. 6 early impressions). Not kind at all but, at least in my view, pretty accurate. They say about the keyboard, the most compelling feature of the Priv:

    "Even at a competitive price of $400-$500, we'd be hard pressed to buy a phone with a hardware keyboard when the hardware keyboard is bad. The keys are small and flat, the keyboard is cramped, and hardware keyboard autocorrect is shoehorned into an operating system layout where it clearly isn't welcome. Closing the Priv and using the more spacious software keyboard wasn't just faster, it was a relief. That's the real deal-breaker for the Priv—the hardware keyboard needed to be spectacular, and it isn't."

    In their Summary, they say:


    "A phone with an awful hardware keyboard? Nope, not buying that at any price."

    Anyway, here's the link for those interested in a brutally honest view of the Priv. Like Ars says, many of Blackbery's misses could be understandable if this was a $400-$500 phone...but sadly it's not.

    BlackBerry Priv review: Android fixes the OS, but the hardware can?t compete | Ars Technica
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    11-13-15 10:47 AM
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    11-13-15 10:48 AM

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