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    Found this posted this morning... Lots of speculation but interesting read....

    iPhone 6S Vs. BlackBerry Priv: Comparing Intangibles - InformationWeek

    iPhone 6S Vs. BlackBerry Priv: Comparing Intangibles
    Once upon a time, Apple unseated BlackBerry as king of the smartphones. Could BlackBerry return the favor by switching to Android? Check out a surprisingly close battle that comes down to intangibles.

    BlackBerry's back, baby! Put on your Sean John Jeans and Lugz because it feels like 2007 all over again.

    Remember when you owned a BlackBerry and were deciding between keeping it or heading to the iPhone? No you can make that decision all over again, because BlackBerry has a new Android phone called the Priv. Ordinarily, if a publication like ours was going to discuss the new iPhone we'd compare it to the flagship Android phone like a Galaxy. In fact, we did.

    But let's not forget that iPhone vs. BlackBerry was once the battle in the heavyweight division. And now that BlackBerry has jumped on the Android bandwagon, it could be again. Let's check out the tale of the tape:

    The typical stuff like specs are more even than you'd think. We don't know all the details, but rumors say the screen size on the BlackBerry Priv should be about the size of the iPhone 6S Plus with comparable resolution. Storage space is comparable to the lower-end models of the iPhone, and more than adequate for most uses. The chip and other stuff is close enough.

    [ Of course, we know in sales there will be no contest. Read IPhone6s, 6 Plus Pre-orders Could Set Record. ]

    That means we get to judge on the intangibles. Is there anything (serious or less serious) that we can use to separate them? We'll try.

    Apple: The iPhone doesn't have a name that sounds like a 19th century name for the bathroom.

    BlackBerry: But Priv has a keyboard!

    Apple: iPhone Comes in multiple colors including "rose gold" and "space gray."

    BlackBerry: Priv comes in black. Because black is the color of business!

    Apple: iPhone is such an iconic look, its style hasn't changed in eight years.

    BlackBerry: The Priv keyboard makes it super thick. You'll never forget it is in your pocket…if it fits.

    Apple: iPhone has 3D touch.

    BlackBerry: You wouldn't need 3D touch if your keys were actually in three dimensions, like they are on the Priv.

    Apple: iPhone has a fingerprint scanner.

    BlackBerry: BlackBerry has never lost a bunch of celebrity pictures.

    Apple: No celebrities took pictures of themselves with a BlackBerry.

    BlackBerry: But seriously, BlackBerry privacy is really good.

    Apple: Apple convinced Taylor Swift to like Apple Music.

    BlackBerry: Alicia Keys worked for BlackBerry. OK, she didn't last long. But she's way cooler than Taylor Swift.

    Apple: iPhones will someday work with your Apple Car.

    BlackBerry: There are 8.4 mg of Vitamin C in an Apple, and 30.2 mg in a serving of Blackberries. Talk about what keeps the doctor away.

    Apple: All the hipsters love it.

    BlackBerry: All the hipsters love it.

    Hrm…in the end it is just too close to call. Maybe I'll just stick with this baby.
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    09-27-15 12:33 PM
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    I don't think the author of that piece intended anything he said to be taken seriously. I thought it was funny more than anything else.
    09-27-15 01:09 PM

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