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    I wish volume controls worked better on android. I always start a game, try to turn down volume but end up turning down the ringer, the game starts wakes my wife up, she gets mad.

    Volume should turn everything up and down. Imho

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    09-23-15 03:27 AM
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    Android Volume-img_20150923_093038.png

    Turning on "Always adjust media volume" could be your savior.

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    09-23-15 03:32 AM
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    This is one of my biggest problems with my phone. The ring tone might be off, but I still have Media, Notifications and System to worry about.

    So I usually just make sure it's all turned down but still..

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    09-23-15 03:46 AM
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Turning on "Always adjust media volume" could be your savior.

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    Well sign me up for the slider then! Haha

    Posted via CB10
    09-23-15 05:15 AM

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