1. Andrew Brehm's Avatar
    I am a casual BlackBerry user.

    Some here might remember me. I occasionally came by before and after deciding to switch
    from iPhone to BlackBerry. I ultimately switched to Android (although I have a Z10 and a Passport). The reason why Android is the reason I know at least one Pro for the Priv. I have come to dislike iOS since. And my favourite OS remains BlackBerry 10 but...

    Here is what I expect from my phone, and price is not a big issue unless it comes close to the $1000 mark.

    1. TruPhone must work in "Anywhere" mode. (This works on iOS and Android but not on BlackBerry 10. TruPhone is not even available for Windows Phone.)

    2. Headphones must work. (This remains a real issue with Android which doesn't seem to get that if I connect headphones I want to hear _ALL_ sounds via headphones. I cannot use Sony phones because of this.)

    3. Kindle and Audible must work.

    4. Syncing with iCloud must work, i.e. CalDAV and CardDAV must be supported. (BlackBerry 10 does this. Android needs extra software. Windows Phone 8 simply didn't support CalDAV and CardDAV.)

    5. Needs at least 16 GB of storage. (And this disqualifies iOS because iPhones still don't support SD cards and Apple demands vast amounts of money for more built-in storage space.)

    6. I want a nice and elegant GUI. (BlackBerry 10 wins this. Windows Phone comes second. Android is too unpredictable and iOS is just years behind at this point and boring.)

    7. The phone needs to fit in my hand. (It seems like phone makers have simply given up on the concept of the small phone.)

    8. I need a Chess game. (Found a good one for Android but it has a weird idea about repetitive moves.)

    So that's it. Any phone that matches these is fine.

    So what's good or bad about a BlackBerry Android phone?


    I really want there to be a BlackBerry 10 OS. I like operating systems, I want there to be many of them. This is completely irrational, of course. There is no point in having separate operating systems and incompatibilities between systems often create more disadvantages than competition between different standards creates advantages. So this is highly subjective. There is no actual advantage of a BlackBerry-specific OS except...

    ...maybe it's more secure if there is a completely separate code base. But I am no security expert so I don't know.

    What happens to existing BlackBerry 10 software?


    Android supports TruPhone Anywhere and Kindle and Audible will definitely support Android forever.

    Android is established and will definitely be supported by lots of hardware makers, allowing BlackBerry customers to threaten BlackBerry with walking away more easily, which will a) keep BlackBerry on their toes and b) allow more people to come and buy a BlackBerry phone because switching to BlackBerry becomes easier and there is no fear of trouble switching back.

    BlackBerry's design is great and the OS doesn't matter for that.

    I assume BlackBerry will add their GUI to their version of Android.

    One fewer OS will make software development easier.

    One more maker of Android phones will make the Android hardware market better. I currently use a Samsung and hate Sony. The more Android phone makers there are, the easier it will be for me to find a phone I like.

    So that's it. I will definitely by the Priv. But I fear it might be much too large again.

    What do you think?
    10-06-15 07:22 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    There are a lot of CONS to this Android solution...

    But the main PRO is that with Android they "might" have a hardware business. With BB10 that clearly was no longer an option.

    So there really wasn't much of a choice, and each one of use will at some point.... have to weigh the PROs and CONs of BlackBerry's Android vs other Android devices or against other Platforms. Sadly it's a hard choice as no one platform really is a clear winner in my comparison.
    10-06-15 08:55 AM
  3. Andrew Brehm's Avatar
    I think that unless BlackBerry screw up their Android implementation or the device itself (perhaps by making it much too big), there is no particular reason to prefer other Android phone makers' products.

    One thing I expect from BlackBerry is that their selection of vendor-added applications is more useful than Sony's or Samsung's.
    10-07-15 04:34 AM
  4. Malazm's Avatar
    I assume BlackBerry will add their GUI to their version of Android.

    Good post.

    I agree with you and, if course, while not all things are equally important, you provide a good base for others to apply weightings according to their own requirements.

    For me your assumption (quoted above) is key. I don't need games and certain apps are just nice to haves. However, the GUI is what makes the whole experience pleasant and unique. If I can have that and others are happy with Google Play, everyone including BlackBerry wins.

    Posted via CB10
    10-07-15 04:48 AM
  5. Andrew Brehm's Avatar
    However, the GUI is what makes the whole experience pleasant and unique. If I can have that and others are happy with Google Play, everyone including BlackBerry wins.

    Posted via CB10
    And that's the key really. We want to BlackBerry GUI and communications tools. That's the reason to get a BlackBerry.

    I will definitely buy a Priv. For one thing it looks good. Perhaps this new combination of Android and BlackBerry (the Android runtime for BlackBerry 10 being another) is a winner.
    10-16-15 07:41 AM
  6. early2bed's Avatar
    In his recent interviews, John Chen seems to consider BlackBerry 10 to be a set of tools rather than a platform - he says things like "bring BlackBerry 10 to Android." You wouldn't say that if you considered BB10 to be your own superior technology.
    10-16-15 08:10 AM

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