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    My new insurance company (Desjardins) has an app called Ajusto which uses telematics to help you save on your auto insurance. The program rewards you for good driving by giving you up to a 25% discount at the end of the year. If you drive bard, there is no discount, but your premium will not change based on the collected data.

    The Ajusto app mostly uses the GPS in order to keep track of my driving history. I noticed that when the Ajusto app runs and uses the battery, DTEK also runs in the background and uses the same amount of battery. I do not get any warning from DTEK so I am not sure why the battery drain. Today I drove 50 km and the Ajusto app used 9 % of my batter while DTEK used 8%. That is a total of 17% of battery drain for 50km.

    Anybody else have the Ajusto app installed? Is this normal behavior for DTEK?
    06-18-16 08:47 PM
  2. gizmo21's Avatar
    Hhm having a mobile device made for security and privacy but using a NSA-like telematik insurance contract. Sorry for off-topic, I'm not using something like this, but perhaps you can allow DTEK any permission on this app any no notification an access for this app.

    You can also try to force close and clean cache of dtek.
    06-19-16 04:32 PM
  3. jgrzadka's Avatar
    I know, I know, this App is contradicting the idea of personal privacy. On the other hand, what better way to test DTEK if it does the job to keep my phone secure. Besides the fact that I noticed the battery issue, DTEK has not given me any warnings. Plus it says my device security status is excellent.

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    06-19-16 07:38 PM

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