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  1. rleist's Avatar
    Has anyone tried The Air Dock with a Priv?
    The Air Dock - The Charging Dock for your Smartphone

    Looking for a simple wireless charger for in the car.

    They state it needs a smooth plastic back on the phone. Not sure how it would work with that Blackberry logo on there. But, looking to get a case also. Leaning toward the Seidio one. I believe the Seidio has a rubberish finish, so it may not work well. May with the included magnetic sticker on the phone or case it might be better.
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    03-10-16 10:01 PM
  2. Wbrian's Avatar
    Looks neat. I sent them an inquiry about one for the Priv...

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    03-11-16 10:03 PM

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