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    I am using the Z30 and I am an OCD when it comes to ads content on mobile application.
    If the app has the ads-bar, I'll remove the annoying thing with the android-ported app Lucky Patcher or I dont install the app at all.
    However, If I buy the Priv running on Android OS, the app Lucky Patcher can not be installed without the phone rooted. Assuming the Priv could not be rooted nor I do not want to root the Priv, how can I remove the ads content from the Android app?
    *** I am not talking about the apps that has pro version upgrade to remove ads because if the app offers such an option, I would upgrade definitely. I am talking about the apps that are inherently packed with ads.

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    Why not use your Z30 to remove the ads with Lucky Patcher, then install the patched APK on your Priv?

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    11-05-15 08:55 AM
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    Why not use your Z30 to remove the ads with Lucky Patcher, then install the patched APK on your Priv?

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    This is not a viable solution in the long run. Main problem is because the Lucky Patcher version that is compatible with BB10 never gets updated. The lastest version of BB10's Lucky Patcher was patched and released by Colbalt more than a year ago and I havent seen an update ever since. The app is getting obsolete.
    Thus, in a foreseable future, Lucky Patcher version of BB10 will no longer work with any apps. Even now, Lucky Patcher on my Z30 can not do anything with ads content of some apps such as The Chive, Mp3 video converter etc.
    I am happy to carry an extra BB10 device just for the sake of ads elimination if someone continously works on patching the Lucky Patcher to BB10. Even I will pay for that but I guess no one wants to invest time and effort on an abandoned Os.

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    The app name is "ScoreCenter LIVE". Its icon is a scoreboard that shows 2-0
    Good to know the dev is lurking here.
    Ok I have good news and bad news about this app. I'll start with good: I've added a few tracking domains to the mobile filter. The bad news: a facebook user will see the ads unless facebook app is removed from the device.

    The problem is that the app uses facebook mobile ad network among others. Blocking it by default is not an option because in this case social features used by the apps will be also broken. We will be able to nicely block it after we implement full-scaled HTTPS filtering though.

    So for now if you don't want to see facebook ads AND you don't use all these social stuff, you can do the following:
    1. Add "graph.facebook.com" rule to the "User Filter" in Adguard.
    2. Disable ad filtering for facebook app (otherwise that rule will break it).

    I've also filed a bug report in our bug tracker:

    I hope we'll come up with something more user-friendly in future version.
    11-05-15 05:09 PM
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