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    Does anyone have experience with returning their Priv through a credit card's 90-day return protection policy and know what's needed? Do I need to dig up every last bit that came in the box and make it look new -- like the the SIM tray ejection tool and the rubber band around the USB cord, etc? Is it okay that the charger looks a little worn from use or that the speaker grill has some specks of dirt? (The benefit is on a Citi Mastercard, in case that's relevant.) The benefits guide doesn't give specifics, and a Google search of Crackberry and a broader google search doesn't seem to bring up relevant posts about this.

    Thankfully, the return protection policy basically gave me a 5-month trial period with the Priv (90 days from DailySteals purchase to file the claim plus 60 days to complete the paperwork), because I gave it a real shot to make myself like the Priv.

    Thanks in advance from this very long-time lurker, first time poster if anybody has experience with the return policy.


    Unfortunately, the 1) PKB's keys not being raised enough and 2) its lack of springiness/tactile feedback, coupled with the 3) consistent overheating (119F) from games and GPS navigation while charging (with on-screen cool-down messages), 4) heavy weight in hand, 5) hard edges that hurt while lying down, 6) not getting some MMS messages with photos until I did *#*#INFO#*#* ( *#*#4636#*#* ) resets of the SMSC, 7) lag on GPS locks while getting ready to drive, 8) random crashes and bug reports from taking screenshots, and 9) the slow ATT upgrade to Marshmallow, I've given up.

    My old BB 7520 and BB 8350i (the Nextel/Sprint/Boost Mobile iDEN versions) were significantly easier to type on. (I dug up the 8350i recently and tested it for comparison purposes.) I was also spoiled for several years by the slider keyboards on the HTC myTouch 3G Slide, the Droid 3, and the Droid 4 -- especially those 5-row PKBs on the Droids, with a dedicated number row, punctuation keys, and arrows keys (!) Too bad Google killed off the Motorola Droid 5 and Project Ara with its keyboard modules ...
    09-15-16 12:20 PM
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    You need to contact Mastercard.... as there is a LOT of gray area in their return policy. I do know that they expect the product to be in "like new" condition.

    Had a friend that went around with Mastercard with this on a TV bought from an online retailer, that was not considered a true retailer. Have to wonder if a clearing house like dailystealz would qualify.

    Anyway, I'd call them and start the process....

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    09-15-16 01:27 PM
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    Thanks, yeah, I actually called them two months ago, because I was at the end of the 90 day claim period and needed to get the claim started. Unfortunately, the rep didn't have information beyond the little that was in the benefits guide.

    I assume DailySteals would qualify because to the naked eye, it's simply another online retailer.
    09-15-16 03:05 PM

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