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    Some background on me: Used Android and Blackberry for many years, over the years. Favorite all-time devises were the Blackberry Bold and the HTC Evo. For work, Blackberry is outstanding in overall functionality. Up until yesterday afternoon, I was using the Passport. Prior to that, Galaxy S5. I'm versed in BB os and Android.

    The Priv is an excellent device and will take time to set up the way that works best for you. The keyboard is smaller, but I am getting used to it. One thing to keep in mind, there are at least a million Android apps. So, if you don't like the way a pre-installed app is working, try another option.

    The wife is on the way home and I have to take her out tonight. Otherwise, I risk losing the Priv or the wife Having said that, I don't have a lot of time to post specifics. The one unresolvable issue so far, is that I can not attach a file to an email, from the external SD card. I spoke with tech-support and BB is aware of this glitch. There are workarounds like moving the file to the internal memory or emailing from the actual file. So far, this is the only glitch that I've been unable to fix and according the BB tech, I'm not the only one, and hopefully there will be a fix. This is part of the challenge with getting a NEW device.

    Anyway, all-in-all it is an excellent device and if you're frustrated (like I was) give it time and customize it.

    Hope this helps some others out there.
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    11-07-15 07:35 PM

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