11-02-15 09:17 AM
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    It is confirmed that Android Marshmallow will not have dark theme, which was once a feature in earlier builds of M. Could this be something that BlackBerry implements themselves into the Priv? I dunno, but one thing is clear: to some people dark theme is a big deal and it is a wanted feature from the Android community as well. Knowing now will help decide if one is going to buy the Priv, stay with they got, or move on.

    As for Hub triage, well, for those who do not know "triage" is what BlackBerry officially terms as Hub quick actions. That is, it is the ability to accept or deny calendar invitations, reply to, delete, flag, or file a message depending on type of message, and one or two more all directly from the Hub. Basically, triage lets you respond to an email directly from within the Hub without having to open the email card, for example, and as you already know.

    Okay, so this one is a wag until a BB10 fan gets their hands on a Priv (and BerryFlow did answer this with an affirmative in the most recent podcast), but to be frank without triage/quick actions the Hub would be nothing more than a simple aggregation zone.
    I'm saying wait and see.

    Naysayers forget what a mess BB10 was when it was first released. Every new leaked OS has bugs or not optimized. Where do you stop programing before release? What is the priority?

    Forget this is BlackBerry? In BlackBerry fashion there will be leaked OS that will improve the OS as time marches on.

    So I'm ok with bugs and it doesn't have a dark theme.

    Guess the naysayers think Rome was built in less than a year. Didn't have people telling them or a forum?

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    11-02-15 09:14 AM
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    I'm DONE with this thread

    If naysayers want to keep discussing how Rome should have and why it fell, have at it.

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    11-02-15 09:17 AM
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