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    upgraded my PB to 2.0 yesterday at work, it was working fine until when i went home i am unable to connect to wifi. Now at work still would not connect to a wifi so I read here to do a "security swipe" and obviously big mistake now as it goes back fresh but since i cant past the "connect to wifi" stage my DM would not detect my PB unless i complete the signup.

    I tried the hard reset +,- & power still would not detect until i past that connect to wifi stage. None on my wireless area would not connect to my PB, actually just came back from Panera to connect and fail!

    Care to help a newbie????
    11-23-11 11:27 AM
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    1) turn OFF the PB
    2) on PC startup DM, Make sure you have an Internet connection.
    3) connect PC<>PB by USB
    4) PB will startup
    5) DM will ask if you want to re-install OS, click YES
    6) DM will install the current official OS
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    11-23-11 06:46 PM