1. pttptppt's Avatar
    I've heard many reports of this update some bad, others not. Here are mine.
    .Sometimes but rarely lag
    .When you delete an app, it gets deleted only if you delte, restart and delete without opening the app itself
    .Battery life is only good if you have at least 6 free gb's (same with speed)
    .A few glitches
    .Sometimes the settings stop responding and if you put it in standby, it'll still not respond.Fix by waiting 2-3 minutes

    .Laggy sometimes
    .Battery life depends on person, although I think it depends on free space
    .Android apps like soundhound or shazam don't. work
    .Somepeople randomly lose app icons
    .Icons in dock and outside dock disappear if you move around the items in the dock. Fix it by placing all your apps into the dock until they all disappear, then restart and they should be back.

    .I GOT A PROBLEM WHERE I HAD 1 b left in my playbook, restarted and all my folders disappeared so I had to remake all my folders. Luckily never happened again
    11-12-12 09:00 PM
  2. Morten's Avatar
    2.1 beta was for me Very unstable with Google Apps email account. Kept refusing the password all the time.

    With the .1088 release, things are more stable - not perfect - but better. I might get email trouble once every 2 weeks instead of every day.

    and a quick workaround whenever Google refuses the password, is to go to Accounts setting on the PB, just disable Email sync, Save the settings, - and enable it again and save settings again... and things get up and running again. Google only complaints on the Email sync - not the calendar or Contacts... Official word from Google is that they do not support the Playbook or Activesync on any BlackBerry devices .. ..
    11-13-12 06:50 AM

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