1. zinadork's Avatar
    I really hope that they release a stability update in the near future. I like where they are going, but they need to clean up their coding.
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    02-22-12 11:55 AM
  2. recompile's Avatar
    I don't follow. Have you been experiencing problems with stability? Can you elucidate?
    02-22-12 02:35 PM
  3. Erandhawa's Avatar
    Personally haven't had many instability issues. I did have to reboot because my browser wouldn't load but that was it. Make sure to do a fresh install if you are experiencing instability. Meaning completely wipe then install or if you have already updated then just do a system wipe and start fresh should be good.
    02-22-12 02:49 PM
  4. yauchunh's Avatar
    what stability issues?...
    02-22-12 03:17 PM
  5. zinadork's Avatar
    I did do a wipe after my first installation was very unstable. After doing the wipe and reinstalling everything cleanly I have still have issue with apps crashing regularly. Apps that I've noticed crashing are the browser, blackberry news, twit, messages and podcasts.
    02-22-12 03:19 PM
  6. BrizzadMan's Avatar
    Interesting, I use the browser, blackberry news, messages & podcasts (Not sure which 'twit' (er) client you are using) and I have had 0 problems with those. I use them heavily in my commute for 1.5hrs as well. Keep us updated on your situation.
    02-22-12 03:54 PM
  7. zinadork's Avatar
    TWIT is Leo Laporte's podcast network app. It streams audio or video podcasts. I like the way that the news app displays the news, but sometimes it takes several minutes before updating feeds allows me to view content.
    02-22-12 04:18 PM
  8. DanielNTX's Avatar
    I had issues with the keyboard and the numeric and symbols not working. Doing a secure wipe resolved the issue for me and made the playbook respond a lot better.
    02-22-12 04:54 PM
  9. 404error's Avatar
    i had a few laggy problems deside to wipe it turn it off do an update via desktop program seems its helped maybe via wifi could be the fault if you did that
    02-22-12 05:09 PM
  10. meltbox360's Avatar
    The only real problem I have is wifi is realllly broken compared to 1.0.8.x

    Its almost like it just drops connection randomly or something. They definitely redid all the code for it since it connects super fast now but in the process they introduced a bug somewhere. I'm sure they'll sort it out in a month or two though and it works alright for me. Loving the email though, never realized email didn't have to be difficult ;P
    02-22-12 11:03 PM
  11. greatwiseone's Avatar
    Weird. Mine's working fine....I would do a security wipe...
    02-23-12 12:44 AM
  12. cbdwolff7's Avatar
    I have had certain games crash, and browser just closes for no apparent reason! Have had complete lockups and had to do hard resets! I hope it gets worked out!
    02-23-12 12:53 AM
  13. Unsure2's Avatar
    Since installing OS2, I have had trouble downloading app updates--all large files seem to break off before downloading. Battery life is much worse. And just now, after charging the PB, upon booting up and entering the password, it just hung. Doing a hard bootup worked to get it running again. This is all new since OS2--did not experience these issues with the final Beta, which I installed and used successfully for most things.

    I'll wait a bit to get a feel for others' experiences, but so far, OS2 seems in urgent need of some bug fixes...
    02-23-12 02:58 AM