1. thymaster's Avatar
    Earlier in the year there were many discussion about who should buy Palm. RIM was no exception to the list as potential buyers. Instead they opt out and purchase QNX unexpectedly which surprised many people. Now that we see the PlayBook in action with QNX technology integration, do you think it was a good business decision on RIM end or do you still think they should have purchase Palm?
    10-25-10 07:37 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    IMHO, Palm would have brought a lot of baggage to RIM. It would requre merging the culture of Silicon Valley and Waterloo. QNX is based in Ottawa Ontario.

    Palm has a happy new home at HP, resources will no longer be an issue.

    QNX is the quantum leap into the future. It will be interesting to hear how the software development community will respond to the changes.
    10-25-10 07:57 PM