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    I've just had a thought guys, what if RIM teamed up with HTC to make phones. They could bring out the QNX OS on other phones, such as HTC. If they did that, I'd get support for BlackBerry Presenter (hopefully), and I'd flock to one of those phones.

    What's everybody's thoughts on it? As well as a BBOS6.1 HTC phone?

    (Why did I pick HTC? Because they seem to always push the boundaries with hardware and it would be interesting to see this BlackBerry Operating System, on a HTC phone. If it is that efficient it can run smoothly on outdated BlackBerry hrdware, just think of the possibilities with bang-up-to-date HTC hardware)
    01-13-11 07:20 AM
  2. Ghostnyc's Avatar
    Aesthetically speaking HTC makes great looking equipment, I don't know anyone who owns an HTC product to get feedback on build quality but to play along with your idea HTC might be able to produce an outstanding touch screen device running QNX. BB purist will demand a physical keyboard & that curmudgeon Lazaridis would shout about battery life. But the biggest obstacle would be RIM changing their internal culture to allow an outside company to build their devices.

    RIM from all appearances is not too keen on changing for the sake of keeping up with the latest & greatest in the consumer market, they appear to prefer the image of being the creators of professional grade equipment, however the line between the consumer & professional equipment is getting blurred out and RIM is playing catch up to a certain point.

    As I mentioned, IMHO the biggest obstacle in RIM's path is RIM's company culture.
    01-13-11 07:55 AM
  3. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    Carphone Warehouse said this would never happen due to the way RIM operates. Well, there's always hope

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    01-13-11 11:01 AM