1. jebulls's Avatar
    Do I understand this right. Obviously this os will be used on the tablet or I think thats what I read. So after the tablet is out will this be the os used for smartphones too put out by RIM. So will we finally get an os to compete with android? If this has already been talked about I apologize. I really have not followed much on the tablet and have now just heard of Qnx.
    08-31-10 10:29 PM
  2. Spiral_ouT's Avatar
    Good amount of info about the tablet (and it's OS) can be found here:
    Blackberry Tablet
    08-31-10 10:36 PM
  3. jebulls's Avatar
    Yeah I read that. But I also found some info saying BB smartphones will also be using the technology next year. So I am not that interested in the tablet. Just curious if RIM finally is gonna try to compete with the other platforms.

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    08-31-10 10:48 PM
  4. Spiral_ouT's Avatar
    Oh yup guess I read that too fast. Long day. Don't think anyone but RIM knows this yet. Haven't heard anything about it.
    08-31-10 10:51 PM