1. Richard O's Avatar

    Have had my play book approximately 6 months now. It seemed fine at he start, however didn't really need to use it much.

    Have started using more this past couple of months and been trying to update the OS software as per prompt. It downloads fine (step one) taking about 20mins, starts to update (step 2) each time, after about 10 mins is stops installing. An error message comes up -only saying that an interruption has occured and asking to retry. I have gone through this process about 30 -40 times - plugged in/not plugged in, variety of locations, turned WiFi of once dowloaded/left on and monitoring/ensuring the screen doesn't go to standby. I have also performed a security wipe and its still happens.

    Also downloaded some apps from appworld, which downloaded fine, however, they haven't appeared on the tablet top menu and can't see them anywhere.

    Can you help?
    01-02-13 05:30 AM
  2. sok2507's Avatar
    Hmmm, sounds odd. Something's screwy. Security Wipe sounds like the best way to start (check the Sticky posts for guidance)

    Failing that, there's a technique described elsewhere in the Stickies whereby you hook up to the BBC Desktop software a couple of times to force an update

    Good luck
    01-02-13 05:55 AM

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