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    The Playbooks user interface I actually find very appealing. I might have found a perfect potential partner for BlackBerry.

    I find I am constantly fighting with DishNetwork about how horrendous their U.I. looks and it dawned on me. QNX might have been much better going after the TV set-top box industry. Satellite receivers do a lot of encrypting and decrypting data on the fly and their still supposed to be quick in response when you want the remote to make it do something. Dish Network is a company that is going to constantly have people trying to 'jail break' their set top boxes to get free "cable" satellite and their devices even use SIM CARDS in the back to power the satellite service. BlackBerry is all about military grade security and they could have even acted as an outsource agent for Dish-network who does all the own satellite receivers. Lately Dish network has been trying to integrate voice response into their remote controls something BlackBerry might be experienced in again. Dish is hiring people to do this but they could outsource all this to BlackBerry who could use it to Push BlackBerry's OS development as well. This is a deal that could be worth hundreds of mill-lions for BlackBerry if not a billion. AND it gets sweeter. Rumour has long held that Dish Network holds a TON of spectrum and one day they could become a mobile company. What better partner to have than BlackBerry? Integrated car security, mobile/wireless solutions provider, in home media and entertainment and in car media entertainment from BlackBerry. I think this could work and could save the company might even save Dish Network a lot of money through outsourcing and getting back to just deploying equipment and keeping it running rather than programming it all the time and developing new stuff.

    Other providers that mightbe interested in forming a consortium Tom Tom, Garmin, FitBit, (gaming platform providers i.e. Sony, NVidia, Amazon?, SLING (also owned by Dish.)), Roku?
    08-10-18 07:42 PM

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