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    I play in band that uses sheet music. I write and arrange the songs. I am looking at going away from printing the music on paper and going instead to printing it to PDF. The idea is to have the PDF files on a tablet or phone and connect it to a monitor that is large enough to allow two pages to show on the screen at full size at once. The Playbook's price has dropped so much on the used market and it is the HDMI output so it is very attractive e.g. a 64 GB Playbook with an asking price of $80.00. Unfortunately my research on the internet is giving me conflicting reports on the Playbook and android apps.

    The Crackberry site indicates that OS 2 will run Android apps, yet other sites say otherwise. Two specific questions:

    1) Will the Playbook with OS2 run all/most Android apps?
    2) Does the latest available version of Adobe Acrobat that will run on Playbook allow two pages to show on the screen at once? I do know that there is a new version of Adobe for Android that will do this.
    Reader Mobile | Engineering blog for Adobe Reader on mobile platforms

    07-24-14 12:29 PM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Android apps on the PB with 2.xxx will sideload, but with hit and miss results, I would guess in my trys at it was about 70/30, 70 yes, 30 no workie.
    Go to Goodereader.com and you will find a Playbook page with already converted .bar files for what you are trying to do, and instructions for sideloading. Not hard, just make sure you backup the PB with all your stuff BEFORE you do this, just in case.

    There are a number of threads and tutorials here and on youtube that will show you how to do it.

    As to number question 2, I do not have my work Playbook with me this day, I have my Hisense Sero 7 Pro which has kind of layed a coup d'etat on the PB, so I can't answer that one.

    Good Luck and welcome!
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    07-24-14 01:04 PM
  3. parbrook's Avatar
    The PB's native Acrobat only displays a single page and there are no view options.
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    07-24-14 02:12 PM
  4. mh1983's Avatar
    I tried out PDF Reader ($0.99 native app) and couldn't find a two-page display either. However, it's a wonderful app and blows the built in reader out of the water.

    As Carl said, your best bet with an Android option on the PB will involve trial and error on your part, and you're most likely to have success with an app listed on Goodereader:

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    07-24-14 03:07 PM

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