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    Not sure if anyone else has run into this problem yet, so I figured I'd start a post on this for any help/feedback. Basically as the title suggests, it seems I have the old YouTube app even after the OS2 update. I have not been able to find/see any of the new features people have been reporting. Still looks like the same old basic design with no way of deleting the history, etc.

    I haven't really run into any other issues besides my PB booting up slower than before (still not that bad). For reference, my updating was from 1.08 via basic updating with no backup/anything fancy. Interestingly enough my update size was only 389 MB or so in comparison to others.

    That said, any thoughts on how to remedy this or am I completely blind and there's some simple option I have to toggle? I'm willing to do a full wipe, but I'm uncertain what's best considering all of this. (optimal steps to take, etc.)

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    EDIT: Checked a friend's 32 gb PB who did the exact same update process. Similarly this happened to him too though everything else seems fine.
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    Just a quick update on this for anyone who may run into a similar issue or notice some things missing with the OS2 update. Hopefully this isn't restating something that's already been posted.

    I did a security wipe and a debrick only to find that the YouTube app and a few others (video chat, music store) were missing. After some searching around, I suspect it is the return of this specific issue posted here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...issing-698316/

    I can only verify this once I try a different network in the next few days, but I suspect that same router/isp issue is messing with people's updates to OS2 (and similarly with wiping, etc.) if they get problems like this (missing icons, apps). If this is true, RIM should definitely take note as a lot of negative OS2 feedback could've been prevented had this been addressed from the beginning.

    EDIT: After trying a different network connection, the problem has been resolved via a software update. It is indeed the region issue acting up again. (didn't think it'd come back for the OS 2.0 update process) Hopefully they iron this out for future big releases.
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