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    Finally... I was about to register for Beta OS2...

    Just wondering only, it is really worth to wait for official OS2? or jump the wagon and experience the "evolution" of Beta OS2?... since it seems that there will be no major improvement in OS 1.X.X... they will probably reserve for official OS2...
    Depends entirely on how you use your PlayBook and your tolerance for dysfunction.

    Issues in current OS2 -
    - Missing Bridge Files app
    - Launch Bridge Messages from notifications not working (but can be launched from Bridge Messages app Icon)
    - Audio in some premium game apps garbled (such as Gameloft N.O.V.A.2 HD and others)
    - Some games won't run at all. (sorry, can't list which ones)
    - If you hit x to stop the browser from loading (or if you hit the reload circular arrow) you have to touch in the address to bring up the keyboard and then close the keyboard and touch the screen to get rid of the URL dropdown.
    - Occasional randomly blanking browser tabs.
    - Missing Video Chat
    - ???

    In exchange for -
    - New user interface
    - Android apps
    - ???

    You decide.
    If you DO try it, I recommend the following safeguards -
    - Backup right before. Reverting back to 1.0.8 will require debrick, and a restore from that backup.
    - Upgrade and then backup again right away. Some issues are resolved with a wipe after the upgrade, and you will want to be able to restore select info afterwards. You can NOT do any restoring from a 1.0.8 backup to a 2.0.XXX installation - not even media.
    - Have fun.
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    11-25-11 05:27 PM
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