1. Palerider89's Avatar

    While I am very convinced of the design and user interface of the Playbook (neither IOS nor Android are this intuitive) I have to say I am not too pleased with the updates 2.1 and following. Is it just me or do other people feel that the tablet slowed down a lot as well? Yes there were bugfixes that I really needed (e.g. wifi droppings) and new features that I personally did not need but sure are nice to have. But now the browser once really nice and fast is horribly slow! E.g. if I want to load The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Political Comedy - Fake News | Comedy Central it takes about 40-60 seconds until the page is fully loaded (and it is not my internet line). Also scrolling larger pages feels laggy and is not smooth anymore. Extremely annoying is though that I also have a significant lag now in my email program when typing. I used to love the keyboard, but now it is quite painful sometimes.

    Also I have the feeling that the app market is not cared for enough by some publishers. Some of the apps I used a lot (like some decent webradio apps; e.g. Radio Monte Carlo...and there are hardly any good ones anyways) do not work/connect anymore. Also updates are not available for Playbook users (Splashtop HD) and some Apps that I really like will apparently never make it to the Playbook. I would really like to use XBMC, Zattoo, a working DLNA solution (incl. renderer), Smartglass. Do you guys think it will get better with BB10 or is it worth to have a look at the Android competition?
    11-22-12 07:14 AM
  2. mapsonburt's Avatar
    A lot of people have reported a full reinstall of the OS solves this. I have noticed it as well (on occasion) and am about to do the same.
    11-22-12 07:38 AM
  3. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    It will absolutely get better with BlackBerry10 DLNA is coming to PlayBook and possibly usbotg along with a flood of apps. I could go on and on about how BlackBerry10 will make the PlayBook experience better but its late and I'm tired

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    11-24-12 12:29 AM
  4. antiRIM's Avatar
    The worst thing you could ever experience is keyboard lag, my pb will take like 15-20 seconds to respond on any website and it also randomizes the letters I type making it difficult to put passwords in, RIM could have Underclocked the pb a smidge with a update to get rid of battery drain issues but I doubt it. It could just be low memory..
    11-24-12 08:48 AM
  5. Gerii's Avatar
    Just curious, how much free disk space do you guys have left?
    11-24-12 10:38 AM
  6. shadow10z's Avatar
    a few nights ago i did a de-brick restore (desktop manager) just for the fun of it.
    The new update is faster, and better battery life.
    When i installed the update with just a wipe before i really didn't see much difference, a lil more battery drain thats it.
    but after a de-brick everything loads faster. The desktop manager reinstall took around 25 min, i think.
    11-25-12 08:15 AM
  7. Palerider89's Avatar
    If I make a complete reinstall of the OS will it automatically download all my apps or do I have to manually do it all over again?
    11-28-12 04:41 AM
  8. Gerii's Avatar
    You have to reinstall everything from the MyWorld tab in AppWorld.
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    11-28-12 09:46 AM

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