1. rupam95's Avatar
    Exclusive: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 3.0 Apparently Being Developed Already

    Just did some search and found this,
    "One of our sources let us in on a little secret. Actually, it is a fairly ‘top’ secret. RIM has apparently already started working on PlayBook OS 3.0"

    This sounds really awesome and I'm pretty sure OS 2.0 is fully loaded and ready to be shipped soon!

    Article: It's at N4BB. Quit posting links to other sites for nonsense.

    What ya think?
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    02-09-12 05:40 PM
  2. kill_9's Avatar
    I oughta slap you upside your head!
    02-09-12 05:51 PM
  3. 1425956's Avatar
    The article states BBM will be absent from 2.0. I thought BBM was one of the upgrades that is part of OS2?
    02-09-12 05:53 PM
  4. rupam95's Avatar
    The article states BBM will be absent from 2.0. I thought BBM was one of the upgrades that is part of OS2?
    Nope. This time it will have a native BBM, not the one accessible through Bridge.
    02-09-12 05:57 PM
  5. dudermont's Avatar
    Good to hear that they are working on os3.
    It means that they are following through with there commitment to finalize a design so they can get it out the door without delay.
    02-09-12 05:58 PM
  6. ezrunner's Avatar
    Makes sense that they have already started
    02-09-12 06:00 PM
  7. 1425956's Avatar
    So will BBM via bridge become non existant? Only native with 2.0? I wouldn't think RIM would add native BBM and take away bridged BBM...Maybe I'm confused...Sorry
    02-09-12 06:02 PM
  8. rickgainsmith's Avatar
    I 'Checked For Updates' just in case, its not out.
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    02-09-12 06:05 PM
  9. chiniki's Avatar
    Native BBM will not be in the initial release of OS 2.0
    02-09-12 06:10 PM
  10. ericlc2's Avatar
    If native bbm did come with 2.0 it would probably be half baked like the bbm via bridge that we have had for nearly a year already.....
    02-09-12 06:32 PM
  11. snuci's Avatar
    Wouldn't "OS 3.0" be "OS 10" for Playbook and be called that so that the OS is in sync with the phone?
    02-09-12 06:33 PM
  12. Deathcommand's Avatar
    They need to get to OS 10 by the end of the year so it makes sense. :P
    02-09-12 07:05 PM
  13. StanWiz's Avatar
    I heard that the tentative release date for os 3 is Feb 7/03.
    02-09-12 08:33 PM
  14. Shao128's Avatar
    02-09-12 08:35 PM
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