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    Hey guys...
    I cannot find recent information about this. Basically I need to move music files to Playbook. I'm not able to locate Playbook on my computer - as in, it's not recognized as a drive. I can't even tell you how frustrated I am... as the computer took forever even to recognize it as a device. That involved rebooting both devices and ensuring WiFi and bluetooth were OFF on the Playbook. I realize I'm not providing application versions etc. I am a typical PC user with an up-to-date Playbook.

    I have a CD with music files I've moved to my PC desktop. The Playbook was able to Backup, so Blackberry Desktop Software sees the Playbook. But it's not in my list of hard drives on the PC. So I cannot transfer the files from my desktop to the Playbook. I cannot use the Blackberry Desktop Software, as it doesn't see the Playbook - despite the fact it just did a Backup on it??? And in my PC, the Playbook is not visible. Sometimes it is, but sadly not today.

    I know lots of you know what to do. I love my Playbook and I just want this music on it because I use it for my Reiki practice. I'm just feeling so sad and frustrated right now, not being able to do something so simple

    06-08-13 03:32 AM
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    search on how to wifi file share. you need to make sure file sharing is on on your playbook, check the ip address of pb, open windows explorer and enter the ip address, then map it as a network drive from adrop down menu.
    search the web for these, and you'll soon be doing it all via your wireless network. no plugs necessary.
    06-08-13 06:02 AM
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    I have to make a number of assumptions: I assume you have a Windows PC with Windows XP, Vista or 7 on it.

    On the PC click Start, Run (or in the search field if this is not XP) type: cmd and press enter to open a command prompt.

    On the PlayBook tap the gear in the upper-right corner of the main screen to open Settings. Tap About at the top-left. Pull down the View Information About list to the right and select Network.

    On the PC, at the command prompt type: ping followed by the IPv4 address from the PlayBook. For example: ping Press the enter key. The PC should return several lines that say something like: Reply from ###.###.###.###: bytes=32 time=... If it only returns Request timed out or Host not reachable, then I can't help you because the PlayBook and the PC are not able to connect through the network.

    Assuming the PC can ping the PlayBook, let's go to the next step:

    On the PlayBook go to Storage and Sharing down the left side. Make sure File Sharing and Wi-Fi Sharing are on. Set a password if you want but I normally don't bother as I'm going to turn sharing off as soon as I'm done and my network is well protected.

    If you do set a password, in Storage and Sharing tap the Properties button and note the Username.

    On the PC, open My Computer. In the Address field type \\ followed by the IPv4 address of the PlayBook. For example: \\ Press enter. If everything works, you should see in the Explorer window, certs and media. Click media. You should have a music folder listed. Drag and drop your MP3 files into that music folder and they will be copied to the PlayBook.

    Make sure to shut off file sharing on the PlayBook when you are done to secure it.

    It is possible for the IPv4 address on the PlayBook to change at any time.
    THANK YOU!! This worked and your steps were awesome Only the last step took some time as I don't have "My Computer" but I followed the step anyhow using "Computer". It didn't like the IP code and wanted to diagnose the problem (this is the PC) so I was going to just try it again in case I typed it wrong, and when I touched the address field I got the \\nameofcomputer, \\nameofplaybook instead of the IP address. I let it go to \\nameofplaybook and I got the window with certs and media.

    Thank you so much - and everyone else who replied. My eyes fell on this one, and it gave steps even using assumptions
    Have a great weekend.
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    06-08-13 11:15 AM

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