1. jairomoreira's Avatar
    hey people,

    since installing the beta v. 2.xxx i cant seem to watch
    any flash supported websites anymore. help pls

    also, i read that native email was out already, can someone confirm.
    i'd assume bbm wont be out for a while.

    thank you.
    11-27-11 01:46 PM
  2. KermEd's Avatar
    uhm a few things here... its not a beta os2 - its a developer beta os2. Which means it isnt meant for use its meant to make sure the applications you are developing is stable on it.

    To answer your issue though, try backing up your data. And do a security wipe/reinstall.

    But no, contrary to what people have said there is no native email application. However if you install an Android Loader bar, it would allow you to access the Androids native email client.

    But a native email app means an application built into the os and designed to provide email support is provided. And no it is not until February (or whenever) with the official os2 that you would find a native email application.

    Sorry mate.

    11-27-11 01:55 PM
  3. jairomoreira's Avatar
    thank you sir.
    i wiped everything out and reinstalled the version again and now have flash.

    thank you once again.
    11-27-11 05:02 PM