1. brianatbb's Avatar
    I have an odd problem with my gmail account in Messages. I have one gmail account, but under Accounts there are two listed, one for email, calendar and contacts, a second one (same address/password) for just email.

    Not sure how I ended up with two, but the former uses m.google.com as its server (under Advanced), with SSL and Push set to 'on'. The second 'account' (my original one, I think) uses imap.gmail.com as its server address, and lists the port (993), smtp server addres (smtp.gmail.com) smtp port (465) and smtp encryption (ssl). So far so good, I guess, but in Messages, they show up as two separate email accounts, thus duplicating my emails, but worse, one of them (I don't know which) shows none of my folders while the other has them all and thus gives me access to them.

    This problem originated, somehow, a few days ago when I started get multiple requests to log into the gmail account. So I deleted the account (I thought) and reinstalled it. Soon after, I noticed the duplicate accounts, or I should say, duplicate forms of the same account.

    I'd really like to just have one account show up in messages, but how do I know which one to delete so as to keep the one with the folders, and if I delete the other, do I lose some functionality that it may provide? And how can I tell which one is accessed by the Gmail app?
    03-07-12 12:41 AM
  2. VerryBestr's Avatar
    The first account you described (server m.google.com) uses the EAS protocol (Exchange ActiveSync = "Google Sync"). That is the account which shows your mail folders, and which has calendar/contact info. That is probably the one you want to keep.

    The second account you described (server imap.gmail.com) uses the IMAP protocol. While it should normally give you access to folders too, the PB's implementation does not handle folders. It does not in itself handle calender/contact info. That is the one you should probably delete.
    03-07-12 04:13 AM
  3. brianatbb's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips. I'll give it a try.
    03-07-12 09:41 AM