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    OS able to be put on a PC . Thanks

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    09-15-13 09:59 PM
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    Your welcome?

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    09-15-13 10:01 PM
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    lulz wut???
    09-15-13 10:01 PM
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    You can run the PB OS and BB10 OS (not sure which version(s)) though the VMWare simulator.
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    09-15-13 10:11 PM
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    Install OS playbook to PC?-1262480_10201483822671320_1743557069_o.jpgI want to install my playbook in my car,But it is to big for quarter inch. And you see is my z10.

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    09-15-13 10:34 PM
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    This is the random thread eh?

    09-17-13 02:02 PM
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    Winter is coming.

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    09-17-13 02:08 PM
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1262480_10201483822671320_1743557069_o.jpg 
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ID:	202045I want to install my playbook in my car,But it is to big for quarter inch. And you see is my z10.

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    Um, what does this have to do with a PC?

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    10-07-13 12:46 AM
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    Trusted Member Genius
    10-10-13 04:05 PM
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    I'm slightly confuzzled!

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    10-10-13 04:07 PM
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    Can the PlayBook make me a cup of tea?

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    10-10-13 04:07 PM
  12. Fuzz360's Avatar
    NO.........here's an angry mango however!
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    10-10-13 04:23 PM
  13. hashtagwinning's Avatar
    You can run the PB OS and BB10 OS (not sure which version(s)) though the VMWare simulator.
    Really!? I'd like to try that out!

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    10-11-13 01:38 AM
  14. Shivers1zn's Avatar
    Really!? I'd like to try that out!

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    Here's the link to the developer site which would give you everything to run the simulator.


    However unless you a developer there's really no use using this as it runs the bear minimum version of the of as its meant just for testing your application on a playbook/qnx device

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    10-11-13 01:59 PM
  15. Fuzz360's Avatar
    Mind, if you ran a micro HDMI cable from the device into the HDMI socket in your TV you could run it as a PC.

    I'm planning to do something similar with my Playbook and then use my 9790 as the mouse/keyboard......... wirelessly of course
    10-13-13 08:44 AM
  16. wout000's Avatar
    Using the Playbook as a Media Center hooked up to your TV is probably the best you will be able to get out of it. You can keep it hooked in and with the bridge you can remote control it.
    Leveraging DNLA and several streaming apps available in BB World you'd get a kick *** media center.

    My thoughts on this:

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    01-15-14 09:00 AM
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    Good thread you started over there. I think it is too late for that because Microsoft holds a huge lead in this space because of their Xbox 1. If they hadn't rolled out Windows 8 without the start menu and given it a black eye in the marketplace they would probably be even further ahead. If you aren't in the least bit concerned about digital privacy issues, an xbox 1, a windows phone and a surface tablet/laptop/desktop is where the future is. This sort of tight integration is very powerful particularly with a powerful gaming console like the xbox one.

    And I hate Windows.

    I would expect that either Google or Apple is going to have to make a move to acquire sony and integrate that into their ecosystem. Apple would be the logical choice for me. They already have the mac (windows desktop/laptop), ipad (surface), and iphone (windows phone). The only thing they lack is a powerful gaming console to complete the home ecosystem.

    Google is further behind - the chrome os is just bad and lacks market penetration...besides they are moving in a different direction. Google is essentially an information company, not a device company or an os company.. Android and their search engine is how they collect information on you.

    Given this, it makes sense for Blackberry to position themselves as the anti-Google by focusing on the secure mobile communications space. Trying to muster the resources to compete in the whole home integration environment is probably not going to work at this point.

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    02-02-14 08:37 AM
  18. Old_Mil's Avatar
    I am going to elaborate a bit on the concept of Blackberry as the anti-Google. As of today, Google is in a place where they timestamp and geolocate videos filmed on an android platform camcorder. If these videos are uploaded to Youtube, Youtube harvests this information. If youtube senses enough videos in a given time frame being uploaded it concludes that "an event of interest" is in progress and notifies law enforcement. So - word of advice - if you are a Ukrainian opposition protestor, ditch your droid.

    The response most people have to this is that "well, I don't have anything to hide.". Everyone has something to hide. Google knows not only which droid you have but where it is. So, two executives meet to discussed a corporate merger with their droid phones. Google knows that they did, where, when, and for how long. This information is absolutely being harvested today.

    Still think you have nothing to hide?

    The latest chrome browser allows remote activation of the camera and microphone. So theoretically what those two executives discussed can be monitored. Not saying that this is being done on a regular basis today but the technology is in place.

    It is a fine platform for schoolgirls posting to facebook or the twitterati but In the end, serious people who do serious things do not want or need an android platform phone in their pocket.

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    02-02-14 04:36 PM

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