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    I have tried this on a new gmail account on my PB and it worked for me so I hope it works for someone out there..

    As there have been a few posts about the issue of support for multiple Gmail calendars I thought I should try provide an update for a working hack. The first thing to say is that google is going to end support for their activesync implementation so this will stop working at some point. CalDAV and CardDAV are supported so you can switch to them.

    For those that prefer this method here is a quick update of my previous post that I hope ensures ongoing multiple calendar goodness. This is based on the fact that Microsoft and Google have done a deal so that Windows Phone users can still create new registrations until the end of July 2013. There is no WP7 support for CalDAV/CardDAV at the moment and so google have granted 6 months grace.

    The techy bits - very similar to the page on the help section..

    Install a browser somewhere that supports user agent switching - Chrome and Firefox both do.
    Open Firefox or the Chrome Web Store and go to Tools> Add Ons, do a search for User Agent Switcher and install it.
    Restart Firefox/ Chrome
    Go to Google and log in to your account on the PC/Mac/Linux box
    Go to tools and use the User Agent Switcher to select Windows Phone 7
    Go to the Edit>Preferences>Content menu and disable Javascript. If you use Windows you will need to go to Tools> Options>Content instead. If you use Chrome you'll need to enable Advanced Settings and go to Content Settings

    then jump to https://m.google.com/sync/settings/iconfig/welcome

    You should see the Playbook listed provided you have already added your google account as an activesync account on your Playbook. Select this device.

    You will see a screen that say something like Send Mail As, but with NO calendar options.

    Look at the address bar in your browser. There will be a long session address ending with multiple calendars=false. Change the word "false" to "true", and then refresh the page.

    The page should now have a list of calendars, select those you want to sync and hit the save button. It says you can only use one calendar but that is not the case
    You should see a message saying the device settings have changed.

    Reset your browser settings again once you close that tab.

    Hope that is clear but some one else needs to try it, to confirm.

    For information: this will only work with your calendars and others shared calendars. Public calendars can not be added this way, and the CalDAV method should work that is posted in this forum
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    02-08-13 10:49 AM
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    Thanks for reposting this amazing article:

    How to sync multiple Gmail calendars on your BlackBerry PlayBook | CrackBerry.com

    It should help a lot of people.
    02-08-13 01:01 PM
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    Followed the instructions above... it didn't work right away, but eventually I checked my calendar a few hours later and all my 3 calendars were there. Sorted!

    EDIT: hmmm... I might have spoken too soon... battery drain all of a sudden is significantly higher and had issues this afternoon with a shutdown due to dead battery (phone had been unusually hot - 1st time since launch)... will monitor and report back...
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    02-08-13 09:18 PM

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