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    Because my blackberry is used thru work and an enterprise server it is locked after 30 mins. When that occurs the playbook requires me to enter my BB code before it can connect thru the bridge. I notice that my battery is running down quicker now that I have the playbook bridged. I am wondering however once the bb goes into lock mode data presumably isn't being pushed to the playbook and so I assume that the draw on the battery in "locked mode" would be similar to if I actually disabled the connection to my BB? To save on battery that would seem to have the same benefit of having to go into my settings and set my bluetooth to off and then on again later when I want to connect? Maybe going into lock mode doesn't change anything but when I just locked my BB the bluetooth notification stopped flashing so I would think this would in effect disconnect my BB from my Playbook with out actually doing that so to "reconnect" I just have to type in my BB password on my Playbook.

    Sorry guys, if you aren't connected to a BB that is subject to a bunch of business based security profiles, the above probably makes no sense. When my BB is locked and I click on messages for example I get a pop up that requires me to enter my BB password. Then it will connect to the BB, while it is locked I believe in effect its like I have turned off bluetooth on the Playbook or on the BB.
    11-26-11 02:55 PM
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    Even if the device locks and is not 'bridged' with the PlayBook, remember that Bluetooth is still enabled on the PlayBook... whether you have a device connected or not.
    The PlayBook could easily be doing Bluetooth related stuff in the background (searching for BT devices, responding to BT requests etc) which may be why you're seeing the drain... how bad is it? Must be significant if you notice it?
    11-26-11 03:06 PM
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    While I understand the playbook might be doing things in the background I assume that this would not impact the blackberry, my 9900 Bold, only the playbook itself. The battery I am referring to is on the Bold not the playbook. While I haven't done anything very detailed it is my sense my bold is running down the battery about 25% - 50% faster then before. That could just be a wild *** guess as I never really gave the battery a lot of thought on the bold before, as I would just plug it in at the office a number of times a week and would guess I would get easily 2 + days between a "need" for a recharge. It just seems now that is happening faster.

    Curious if anyone has an idea of roughly how much battery drain is caused by bridging. I know that is dependant on how often you would use the playbook and be pulling email etc from it. I have my playbook tied into my office and home wifi so I don't tend to use bridged browser very often.
    11-26-11 03:44 PM
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    Just wanted to say I try to use bridge as much as possible because it uses significantly less power than the wifi radio. It shouldn't go down that much, maybe you have GPS or something running in the background or are in a low reception area.

    Also, I noticed that if you use the bridge browser, since your phone is processing all the info unlike the normal browser where the phone just relays the data, it saves even more.
    11-27-11 04:09 AM