1. FrizzyNRG's Avatar
    Hello everyone.

    I got hold of a not working BlackBerry Playbook and I want to try to fix it.
    The problem is: after switching on the tablet, it gets stuck during the startup (the screen with the bright lights / bubbles).

    I tryed the hard reset (Vol+ plus Vol- and Power) and after i followed the typical procedure to reinstall OS, doing:
    1. I ran Blackberry Desktop Software Manager
    2. Made sure the Playbook is turned off
    3. Plugged it to the laptop USB port
    4. Followed all through the process in that link and the sequence went from 'Repair' to 'Download' to 'Extract' to 'Update' to 'Installing the latest OS version'.

    But at the end this error is returned:
    "Your BlackBerry Tablet OS is updated and you can safely disconnect your tablet.
    Warnings were encountered during the loading process:
    The Setup on the device is not complete. Please disconnect the device, complete the Setup on the device and then reconnect it to your computer.
    I tried several times and waited for more than a couple of hours, but the tablet remains stuck during the startup.

    Can anyone help me and tell me how to fix it? Or maybe if I'm wrong a some operation.

    Sorry for the English, but I write from Italy.
    07-31-16 04:25 PM
  2. Joey Hutchison's Avatar
    What do you mean by it gets stuck.. like how.. what does it do

    Posted via CB10
    07-31-16 10:42 PM
  3. FrizzyNRG's Avatar
    The tablet, after the first screen with the Blackberry Playbook logo, it remains blocked in the following screen (the colors change continuously but nothing else happens).

    Boot problem with a Playbook.-img_20160802_200952.jpg

    It is possible that if the touch screen does not work i can't do any operation?
    Because the tablet was given to me along with other things, i don't know its real condition.
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    08-02-16 02:55 PM
  4. Joey Hutchison's Avatar
    Maybe plug it so it charges and leave it botuing for an hour... see whats happens

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    08-03-16 11:10 PM
  5. valmoz's Avatar
    i am having the same poblem?
    have you managed to solve yours ?
    04-19-17 07:09 PM

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