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    Dumb question. Yesterday I dusted off my PlayBook, then opened BlackBerry World and was surprised when I refreshed my 'uninstalled' apps list to see a few I use on my phone in there. They downloaded and installed fine except for one which made me realize these were not PlayBook versions and were somehow available but can't be opened because they didn't generate any icon on the desktop.

    One of them is Evolution Browser. It's installed on my PlayBook but when viewed in BlackBerry World, it says not compatible with my current device profile, which makes sense.

    Is there an alternate way for fun of attempting to open these apps? Lol. Idk how similar the underpinnings of the OSs are and have low expectations of them actually working but now wondered since they could successfully? install..

    I'd love a more updated browser and this is a tease

    Posted via CB10
    01-28-16 10:24 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    With the PlayBook "stuck" in time, updated is not something you will see.

    At one time I had Simple Browser, Maxthon and Dolphin browsers.... used Simple or the native the most.

    But while I still use my PlayBook from time to time... I don't even consider opening the browser on it. Have my phone or a windows tablet that will do it MUCH faster.

    NOTE: BB10 and the PlayBook are interchangeable for some apps, I remember that several showed up in both places. But as some developers moved to BB10, some of those apps stopped working... One Book Reader and one File Manager that I used a lot on my PlayBook... just stopped working correctly.
    01-28-16 11:12 AM

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