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    From Adobe reportedly will announce the end of Flash Player for mobile devices -- Engadget

    Even though Adobe just mentioned it was planning to invest further in HTML5 after restructuring, a rumor from ZDNet suggests the changes could go even further by dropping development for Flash Player on mobiles entirely. According to an email reportedly received by the company's partners, its future work on Flash for cellphones and tablets will focus on enabling developers to "package apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores." After years of battling with Apple and Steve Jobs over the place of Flash on mobiles it appears the company is ready to lay down its sword, with existing platforms like Android receiving only security updates going forward. If the rumors are true, we'll probably hear an official announcement later today, along with a few huge belly laughs from the folks in Cupertino.
    What does that mean for us :O?
    11-09-11 02:32 AM
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    this will go over like a lead balloon.

    I dont understand what "battle" they had with steve jobs. For one, if apple didnt want it, fine, all other device makers did so their customers got it, apple customers got screwed as they deserved.

    No disrespect but Steve Jobs is dead, the market lives on. What up?

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    11-09-11 05:22 AM
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    I'm posting a question over on Beta Zone asking what this announcement means for the Playbook and BBX phones. They've been fairly responsive over there.
    11-09-11 06:14 AM
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    Nothing seems to be breaking RIM's way.

    I like Flash on the Playbook and I hope that it will continue to be supported, at least until Flash is gone.
    11-09-11 06:54 AM
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    11-09-11 07:16 AM
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    Steve Jobs ordered the hit, from the grave.
    11-09-11 07:45 AM
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    11-09-11 09:02 AM