1. Pacmanuk's Avatar
    Hey all, Ive noticed for the past 2 days since i rooted with dingleberry 3.0 and installed the market (via WinSCP) my battery life is around 30% worse that it was prior to the root. I tried updating to the latest beta (6149) and multiple restarts are a no-go.

    I'm wondering if some android service is running in the background and leeching the battery? My idea is to make a 2 scripts/apps that can shut down and restart the services when needed as i dont need them running all the time, would this work or would it crash QNX?

    To be honest I'm not sure where to start with the idea.. is there an app that lists what services are running on the playbook so i can shut them down and see if it helps battery life and is still stable?

    help would be appreciated!

    01-18-12 07:17 AM
  2. xsacha's Avatar
    SSH to your playbook and run the 'hogs' command -- this will show you processes that use a lot of CPU.

    I think it may be because of the Android Market / Google apps running but not sure. Maybe you use hulu a lot more now? :P
    01-18-12 03:56 PM
  3. dablessing's Avatar
    I thought I had a similar issue. I found that many of the apps I downloaded were constantly pulling notifications (facebook, droidin, google+, etc). I just went into each app and turned the notifications off and that improved my battery life.
    01-18-12 09:43 PM