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    First let me say that I've done a search through the forums on this specific subject but couldn't find anything on it.

    I know it's unfair to compare the Playbook to any other tablet or electronic device but I really like that when I choose a picture as the wallpaper on other electronic devices, I can pinch to zoom on a specific area of the picture and I can use that zoom as the wallpaper
    On the Playbook, regardless to whether or not I pinch/zoom, ALL the picture is the wallpaper. Can anyone help with this please?
    09-07-12 08:49 PM
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    Anything that appears on your screen can become wallpaper by using screen shot. It can be made larger, smaller, cropped, or dragged around on screen and another screen shot taken of that. Then, opening the Picture or the File Manager areas will allow you to select the screen shot, pull down from the top, and select it for your wallpaper.

    Some things on the screen can be re-sized immediately and a screen shot taken, including from an image from a video, or a web page. Others, like some of the apps, would need to have a screen shot taken first and then the resulting picture can be re-sized, cropped, etc.

    If needed, adjust any screen shot to hone the picture further.

    Screen Shot is taken by pressing the "+" and "-" audio buttons at the top of the Playbook at the same time. You will hear a click indicating the screen image has been captured. It can then be found in Pictures or the Pictures area of File Manager.
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    09-08-12 11:45 AM
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