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    For those of you who simply wont wait for the mini keyboard to get in stock or arrive.
    Or simply dont want to spend to much $$ on it...

    I purchased a Used Zagg Keyboard and so far it has been working great! Its intenteded to be for ipad and Galaxy Tab so its bigger than the playbook... but that actually makes the typing easier and smooth. I made a case for it. I've using my convertible case with this, so the playbook stands on the tablet holder of the keyboard. Looks weird typing on a huge keyboard with a small screen.. But definitely makes the job easier.

    Anyways, long story short. The seller I got it from has them on sale. These are used keyboards but at least the unit I received was 9/10 and had no sign of abuse.
    They come in 3 different colors




    Good Luck!
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    That's one way to get the job done. Very nice. I actually thought about doing the same thing but couldn't resist ordering the BlackBerry mini keyboard and fortunately I only had to wait 2 months for it to arrive.

    07-17-12 10:48 PM