1. 7thedon7's Avatar
    Hey guys. My carrier blocks youtube through BIS service and I was never able to watch a video on my 9900 and I still can't. Since i got me a PB I never tried streaming a video through bridge. The other day I realized i had wifi turned off and was actually watching a video on my PB through bridge. Spent the whole day watching videos but now i'm wondering if I might get a bill next month that will leave me crying.Hehehe
    My BIS service is for unlimited downloads and i haven't tethered the 9900 and PB. Only bridged.
    10-23-12 12:54 PM
  2. sorentoboy's Avatar
    You weren't kidding yeah...it does give Internet access thru bridging it! Turns out it was part of the new update with PlayBook OS but I guess most of us missed that?!
    10-23-12 06:36 PM

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