04-20-13 07:22 AM
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  1. CRJDRIVER's Avatar
    Don't hate the guy.... It sounds as though the OP is looking for help to find the "Best" parts about the PB and reasons to keep it. He did get it as an Xmas present and is a current BB user. I myself am a 9800 owner holding out for a BB10 device and needing to make an educated decision on whether or not to continue with BB or switch to another platform. To be honest, I have co-workers doing company business on fruit and droids that are running faster. I am reallllly hoping that BB10 is the answer to this. The big question is "When?" I'm tired of hearing the "Just wait" for the last 18 months.
    01-24-13 08:28 AM
  2. cntunglam's Avatar
    I intended to buy it , but cuz It cannot type my language I can type it in all BlackBerry smartphone but Playbook .
    If BB10 upgrade can do it , I think I will buy one even though I had a Nexus 7 devices because of its HDMI port , front and rear cameras , best screen , and best BB10 OS.
    01-24-13 08:56 AM
  3. naughtyca's Avatar
    I am disappointed with my playbook, im poking around this forum to see if I can improve my experience, I gave my wife a playbook last Christmas 2011 and she only used it for Facebook, but last Christmas 2012 she asked for an android tablet since she cannot find any app that she wanted, I tried to play with it and got disaponted, I gave it to my father in law, if somebody can give quick answers i will appreciate it.

    besides plex media, is there any app that i can download for free for dlna? want to watch downloaded movies on the PB from within home network.
    01-24-13 09:25 AM
  4. woodenpirate's Avatar
    The Playbook in my eyes started off great, crisp screen and loud sound quality but then I slowly became annoyed with how slow the browser is when loading up a flash heavy site, the bug where sometimes when you can't access your tabs by swiping down or pressing the tab button and not to mention the browser closes randomly all the time. An added feature of mine is the back has a bulge which makes the Playbook impossible to lay on a flat surface. I paid a lot of money to buy this at launch and even though the price crashed I was annoyed a bit but as time passed it feels like RIM flipped me the bird and expected me to smile about it.
    01-24-13 09:48 AM
  5. naughtyca's Avatar
    The one thing i know i like about the PB is how clear video when recording
    01-24-13 09:53 AM
  6. russ2903's Avatar
    Disappointed with my playbook?? NO WAY - it does exactly what I expected it to.
    As I have used Blackberry phones for a few years now I read all the pre-launch info for the playbook and have kept up with all from then. As a result, I knew what I was buying, app limitations and all.
    In fact I was so disappointed (not) that 5 weeks after buying my first Playbook I bought another.

    Know what you are buying before handing over your cash my friend
    01-24-13 12:49 PM
  7. Angus_CB's Avatar
    besides plex media, is there any app that i can download for free for dlna? want to watch downloaded movies on the PB from within home network.
    For free, no.
    For $4.99 you can get KalemSoft Media Player.
    It is well worth $4.99.
    It works with most DLNA servers and has a small server of it's own to allow you to watch videos from anywhere you have a WiFi connection. Check in the Playbook Apps forum for more info.
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    01-24-13 04:44 PM
  8. untakenusername's Avatar
    ^nope not enough to mention.
    01-24-13 05:23 PM
  9. xamdam's Avatar
    Just got my playbook a couple weeks ago after Xmas and I must say this is the newer version which came out in Oct 2012.
    The only issue I have had is the browser at times does not load pages and gives the error could not load host server.
    I then turned off Java option and also deleted Wifi info and readded Wifi again and so far no issues yet. The pages load way much faster and I turn java on when I need it is all but not always as it depends on Site and if I care to see what they want. Try this out and you will see a huge difference.

    I got the playbook for browsing on a bigger screen instead of my Samsung galaxy s3 and I love it much much better.

    I also like to note I have tried other browsers and the stock one is still the best although I would say Maxthon is a close close second place.

    I tried dolphin hd on it and it not even close as the Mobile Samsung version is as I love dolphin but on the playbook it sucks

    I tried simpleplus browser and really dislike it.

    So am I disappointed **** No as i got it for browsing not for gaming although I do play some games, not for using with a BB phone as I don't have one to use and probably will not, we'll maybe I might if BB 10 is awesome.
    01-24-13 05:42 PM
  10. brianatbb's Avatar
    I have to say yes, I have been disappointed with my PB, especially prior to OS2 and less so as updates improve its functionality. It has a nice camera but no easy way to Send pics/videos to email or the cloud. The browser is so-so. Good when flash and java are turned off, then you find you need it so you have to add them, and then put up with serious checkerboarding. I never had these delays using other an ipad 2 or Nexus 7. Mapping and navigation is marginal at best compared with android or apple devices because Rim incomprehensibly did not include aGPS with its 'professional' grade tablet. I also find some apps, particularly android apps, do not work as well as their equivalents do on my HTC One V phone. I travel with both my PB and HTC, and frequently resort to the latter when I get frustrated trying to do something on the PB, especially when I really would prefer to use the PB's larger screen. It could be something as simple as connecting to wifi at an airport, which the PB seems to have trouble doing at some airports. And of course there's the shortage of apps that I have on my phone and wish to have on the PB.

    I think the only better tablet I could have bought at the time was the Ipad 2, and it was more expensive. The price difference is even greater today, but there are also now some low-priced competitors as well. I guess the OP's question/complaint boils down to, for me, would I buy it now if I were in the market. No I wouldn't. But I might we in the market a year from now, and then I can compare an updated PB (hopefully) running on BB10, and that may alter the equation.
    01-24-13 06:45 PM
  11. phil8715's Avatar
    I've got a Playbook, an iPad, Kindle Fire & a generic cheap Android tablet. What have noticed about the Playbook is that it's solidly built and feels good in the hand. I'm by no means an Apple fanboi I've owed 1 iPhone. My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note N7000, I also own a Blackberry 9320.

    I wouldn't say I was disappointed with my Playbook but it could be better, no native BBM for example, you need to hook it up to a Blackberry phone to use it and Whatsapp doesn't work because again you have link it to a phone. I find some of the apps too expensive, plus not much choice ,7 for one game in the App Store and most free apps and games are not much good, there's not even a Twitter app or eBay app. Yes you can sideload some android apps but not every app is available they need converting into bar files.

    Sideloading is pretty easy to do, I think I've only sideloaded maybe 2/3 apps that didn't work out of about 20 or 30.

    My Playbook is on currently on eBay I'm seriously thinking of taking it off, and maybe waiting till BB10 is released which hopefully won't be too long after the January 30th launch, think its going to be q2 when it's being released for the Playbook.

    I think the problem with the Playbook when it was 1st released it cost more than iPad and was aimed at business people not the ordinary consumer. If the price was then what it is now they would have flown off the shelves.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
    Last edited by phil8715; 01-24-13 at 07:33 PM.
    01-24-13 06:52 PM
  12. seamonky's Avatar
    Not disapointed in the slightest. Does exactly what i want it to. i can watch videos, read books in the night (which my kobo touch cant) i can websurf and use it as my bedside alarm! I am actually happy at the size of the market place. It would be nice to be able to video call to non playbooks on it, but its not a major issue.

    I have had my PB for about 6 months now, my only annoyance is the key board lag, again i can tollerate it as it was a bargain, well made and the perfect size for travel.
    01-25-13 04:18 AM
  13. Morpheus's Avatar
    OP - I'm sorry...didn't you say it was a birthday gift? SO how much did you spend? If nothing, then wtf is the issue? Had the option to leave it in the box and return it, did you not? No one twisted your arm and made you keep it, did they? If you have issues, sell it to some one that will use/abuse/and love the device? What is the point of complaining and trying to get people on board with your apparent love of Apple and Android devices?

    Wipe it, sell it, and use the funds for something YOU will love. Thats all that really needed to be done here.
    01-25-13 05:10 AM
  14. Garry Coupland's Avatar
    "OP - I'm sorry...didn't you say it was a birthday gift? SO how much did you spend? If nothing, then wtf is the issue? Had the option to leave it in the box and return it, did you not? No one twisted your arm and made you keep it, did they? If you have issues, sell it to some one that will use/abuse/and love the device? What is the point of complaining and trying to get people on board with your apparent love of Apple and Android devices?

    Wipe it, sell it, and use the funds for something YOU will love. Thats all that really needed to be done here".

    Well Morpheus, first what has my personal financial outlay got to do with my disappointment. So it is irrelevant whether or not I spent anything on the PB, I am entitled to be ( and I am) disappointed with it's performance. The cost to me has nothing to do with the PB's performance.

    I am neither a Apple or Android fanboy, I don't particularly care which unit I use as long as it meets expectations and continues to evolve throughout it's life, which is something the PB clearly has not done.. Nor do I care who uses what brand, if they are happy then good for them. I was talking about my personal feelings and purely asking if anybody else felt the same, and the replies to my question show I am not the only person who feels the same. I am not asking nor do I want anybody to bin their PB's in favor of the competition..

    You are right about one thing, no one twisted my arm into keeping it, but it was a gift (and for the person who purchased it a large sum of hard earned money) and it would have been very ungrateful of me to "leave it in the box and return it". However you are entitled to that opinion, and if that is how you would have reacted to such a gesture then that is an issue for you and your conscience. My conscience is telling me not to pass my disappointment to the person who worked hard to buy it for me. Although I am now considering selling it on, after speaking to the person who brought it for me of course.....

    And in any event leaving it in the box without so much as trying it would have been unfair to the product, and without using it how would I have known I was going to be disappointed with the PB ?..

    Whatever your views, the PB is not what I was expecting it to be... It might do everything you require from it and I truly hope it does, but for me (and a few others who have answered this post) it does not... It's a matter of personal preference and I just wanted to know if anybody else felt the same.

    01-26-13 12:12 PM
  15. texn884's Avatar
    Nope just got mine the 16 gig was a deal of the day last week and picked it up for $99.00. Says it was a referb but it looks like it is brand new no wear or scratches. Its pretty cool pairs up great with my 9930 Bold.

    Ordered some accessories and rapid charger and desk charger pod and Leather BB case.

    BB all the way!
    01-26-13 04:37 PM
  16. kwelamnp's Avatar
    I was thinking that this thread is a bit like asking : "Are you disappointed with your Wife"
    01-26-13 05:15 PM
  17. untakenusername's Avatar
    I was thinking that this thread is a bit like asking : "Are you disappointed with your Wife"

    Hope no-one asks you to choose between the two
    01-26-13 05:22 PM
  18. Banco's Avatar
    Hope no-one asks you to choose between the two
    01-26-13 05:26 PM
  19. untakenusername's Avatar

    BlackBerry or playbook
    01-26-13 06:07 PM
  20. texn884's Avatar
    Id choose my BB.
    01-26-13 06:19 PM
  21. edgephoto's Avatar
    As a tablet the PB is serious lacking in a few areas.The first being the apps. No Skype, no Netflix or Hulu. Apps that run on my 9900 are not available on the PB. That to me is a serious mistake. I bought the PB 64GB for $199. So for 1/2 the price of an iPad I got a device that is about 1/2 as good. The included file manager is a joke. I did buy a couple of other ones and have settled on one that is decent. The PDF app is missing features so I had to download a different one. The browser is buggy and slow with Flash sites which is why Apple does not do Flash on the iPad.

    I bought the PB to go along with my work provided 9900. The bridge feature is terrific. The 9900 phone's screen is a complete joke for anything but the most basic of email reading. Bridge fills that niche nicely. My main 2 reasons for buying the PB were to be able to read email attachments and edit them while traveling. I can leave my laptop home and travel lighter. I like the fact that the email app is separate from the bridge email. I have access to both personal and business email accounts while traveling. I also keep the "my documents" folder of my work laptop synchronized with the PB. This way I can access files while leaving the laptop behind. One of the things I do with the PB is keep some videos/TV shows/Movies on it so when in a hotel I connect via HDMI to the TV in the room and use the remote app on my 9900 phone and I can watch what I have brought with me. I can also watch the videos on a plane.

    Overal I do like the physical size and the build quality. I wish the screen was bigger. What is with the 1" black band around the screen? RIM needs to get apps for this thing. They need to make the apps compatible with all their mobile devices. That is where Apple and Android shine. The included apps need to be overhauled. Connecting it to a PC or a Mac is a breeze.

    Blackberries used to be the preferred phone for business. All the execs at work have iPhones. Only us lower drones have BBs because ATT gives them free to our IT department. I would not buy a BB unless the new software is better and runs on all BB mobile devices. iPhone is ok but I do like physical keys better. I don't like the fact my BB 9900 has a ton of software bugs and freezes.
    01-26-13 08:31 PM
  22. jpash549's Avatar
    No Skype, Netflix or Hulu is the same old gripe. Maybe Skype would be useful for work but the other two? Maybe you should disable flash on your browser if on want it to move a little faster. Basically you are saying it is only half as good as the iPad because it doesn't have as many apps in the app store. Don't have an iPad but have heard that msany of the apps that come with it are not so hot so you download from the app store where the apps are sometimes quite pricey.
    01-26-13 10:34 PM
  23. Anjohl's Avatar
    No Netflix is enraging. At the very least, Netflix should have made it possible to view movies on the BB web browser, if they could not come to terms on an app. The Playbook is MADE for Netflix! Having the amazing NFB app helps, but only so much.
    01-27-13 04:32 AM
  24. ruben1975's Avatar
    No I am not!! I love my PB.
    03-28-13 04:45 PM
  25. KittyBomb's Avatar
    I am not disappointed in my PlayBook at all.
    I bought it for what it was, not what some update in the future might give it.
    I don't care about apps and games and I don't care about Netflix or Skype either.

    The only minor annoyance I have with it is the amount of time it takes to boot up, but that is so minor an issue that it doesn't make me regret getting my PlayBook.

    I go into stores and handle the other tablets out there and there is just no comparison to the PlayBook.
    This is a very high quality and well built tablet and the icing on the cake is that it is a BlackBerry product.
    03-28-13 05:04 PM
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