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    I LOVE You Need A Budget!! Ive used the software religiously and successful for several years. While perusing the blog for an answer to a question on the new software, I found an answer from the developer on Playbook support. Wasnt sure if anyone else is as addicted to the methodology, using the desktop app and perhaps looking for the playbook app. Although not a great response, Jesse is really good about feedback and open dialogue. Im sure he would be more then open to answering additional question or taking possible suggestions to make it happen. Personal Budget Software - Finance Software for Windows & Mac


    I really dont mean to be a downer, but its never as simple as just repackaging and sending it off to another market. Especially if that market is dwindling. We were invited by RIM to participate in the playbook before it even came out, and it just didnt make sense then. It definitely doesnt make sense now with the way things are looking for them. Heres hoping they take off and compete and we have another market to deal with.
    The costs of moving to another market are interesting. For instance, we now are available on the Amazon Android App Store. Only took us about eight hours to package it up for the Amazon licensing scheme, right? Since then, somewhere south of 10% of Android purchases come through Amazon. When we launched our update, Amazon had to review our app, where Google Play didnt. So there was confusion there. Whenever we need to push a new release, Amazon is now later than Google Play, which causes confusion for customers. Sometimes customers ask for a refund on the Android app and we have to turn back around and ask them if they purchased on Amazon or Google Play if we want to edit the description of the app we need to update it in two places
    Im not saying those things arent outweighed by potential gain. But a lot of times, we completely underestimate the maintenance work that goes into supporting various platforms. Its not just package it up and click a buttontheres an ongoing mental/staff overhead that accompanies it that never goes away.
    07-18-12 08:10 AM
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    Jesse had answered the same to me in the ynab support website. I believe we cannot expect YNAB for playbook any time soon. If RIM decides to go with the android platform in the near future keeping aside its QNX (I know this sounds little bad)... yes playbook users will be able to use YNAB for andriod... the only hope.

    I know Blackberry will be thinking of this as well....

    How to save RIM. Really - Fortune Tech
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    07-21-12 10:47 AM
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    I was able to port YNAB and side load it. It really works as expected.. but the apk I ported was a older version hence it works with the desktop YNAB version 3.x. Remember YNAB 4 doesn't sync with the older android app. Though I consider purchasing the latest YNAB for android version I don't know how since I don't own an android phone :-(
    09-18-12 11:49 PM
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    Time to renew this discussion with the release of BB10
    02-01-13 11:17 AM
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    To be specific: We need a native YNAB app for BB10 phones & Playbook
    02-01-13 11:18 AM
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    Nice to see the YNAB topic begins again after the BB10 release. But as per the YNAB developers, from a NO to playbook app, they are now into a "may be" mind set after BB10.

    Time for a Blackberry 10 YNAB app : YNAB 4

    Those who are very curious to use YNAB on their playbook (I don't have a z10 so not sure on BB10), go ahead and download YNAB apk using the "blackmart" app (again you need to search for it in crackberry and you will get the .bar). Convert the apk to bar either online (PlayBook .apk to .bar converter) or do it yourself. Side load the .bar using DDPB and start using YNAB on your playbook. It works flawlessly. I know it is a way to piracy but I would be ready to purchase it if the software is made available in the appworld. I know you too agree with me??
    02-07-13 10:40 AM