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    Good day!

    Just want to ask you guys re my concern, i have a Yahoo! Mail account which i let my staff use for communication with our clients, my question is, is there a setting in our PB's native mail app wherein i can just retrieve the mails but DONT want it to be synced. I want the UNREAD emails still be marked unread (in the webmail) even I read already in my PB, to avoid my staff from missing the client's email.

    Pls help. Thanks!
    06-12-12 10:17 PM
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    If you search yahoo mail you will see nothing but problems! All I can say is good luck...hopefully this gets fixed in the future. The problem is with yahoo ...
    06-12-12 10:28 PM
  3. Hamp's Avatar
    Yes, yahoo has changed their protocols and there are some issues with syncing, in regards to server settings. Check with your provider for specific server settings as well.
    06-12-12 11:45 PM
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    No that's just not possible. I use the mail plus version ($20/year) which allows for pop access so I can use ms Outlook which pulls messages like new even if I read them online or somewhere else since it is not imap it does not sync read or deleted messages. You can setup each of your staff to pull mail from same account. You can use Outlook or free Thunderbird.

    Your other choice is to go in options to forward all messages to your staff and you staff would sign into your account to reply or they can set their account to send email using your address.

    Opps its possible, by default it set to imap since mobile. You can set it as pop access which might require paid plan.
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    06-12-12 11:54 PM
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    I troubleshoot mobile email issues on devices and I will tell you, it is very possible. There is a known issue with yahoo mobile syncing of email on many devices. You have the paid version of yahoo plus and will more than likely not see these issues. Not trying to say you're wrong but I deal with and fix yahoo email issues everyday.
    06-13-12 12:46 AM
  6. ast_ph's Avatar
    We're using a paid version of Yahoo! Mail, I think its Yahoo! Mail Plus. I just want my PB to work like my BB wherein opening the mail on my BB, will not affect the READ and UNREAD e-mails on our webmail. I think POP access is one solution, anyone know the POP setting for Yahoo Mail on PB?

    06-13-12 09:01 AM