1. Goblok's Avatar
    I got a very nice Nikon D3200 for Christmas and with it a nice WU-1a Wireless mobile adapter. Well the adapter only works with IOS and or Android, not a PC or a Blackberry device. Kind of pis#es me off. Can the droid app be converted over to work on the Blackberry Playbook? That would be just awesome! Anyone else run into this? Thanks in advance.
    02-23-13 03:15 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Someone did convert the Android Eye-fi app to run on the pb. If you go to the Android subforum under the PB apps subforum you might be able to ask for help. They would need access to the android app.

    I wonder if the eye-fi app would see that wifi network and work?
    02-23-13 04:04 PM
  3. mrweller's Avatar
    Any updates on getting this app to work on the playbook or possibly on a BB10 device at all?
    06-30-13 11:15 PM

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