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    I have just published a new tutorial on my blog Redacacia showing how easy it is to write an App for Playbook. To make it interesting, the App is for Blockly, a Google's visual programming language, on similar line to MIT's Scratch programming language.

    Really it is so easy to write an App for PlayBook, that I thought it would be a futile exercise. However, "me a diehard fan of Blackberry" will not use my Playbook as a brick to hit on the head of RIM's CEO, instead I will use it for something useful. Actually I have a 7-years old grandson whom I hope to teach programming. And what's best and easy tool to teach programming? Visual programming of course, so Googly is ideal!

    So, I invite all members and visitors that are diehards and fanatics of BlackBerry (and feel let down by RIM on PlayBook like me) to visit my blog and write a Blockly App for own usage. Here is a direct link to the tutorial:

    Writing a Playbook App for Blockly, a Google’s Visual Programming Language | RedAcacia

    Actually, this is my 44th post in Redacacia. There are many other things that may interest you in my blog.

    You can use Blockly to teach programming to your children, nephews and other kids. And if you do not know how to program, you can now start to program. On the Web, there is a lot of information, and teaching material on Blockly.

    Here are two images one of main screen with the App's icon:
    Writing a PlayBook App for Blockly, Google's Visual Programming Language-img_00000033.png

    And the start up screen of the App:
    Writing a PlayBook App for Blockly, Google's Visual Programming Language-img_00000034.png
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    05-09-14 01:16 PM
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    Why not write apps for a living device like BB10?
    05-09-14 01:32 PM
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    Nice! I was actually wondering about Blockly considering the courses on code.org use a really locked down version of it to teach kids how to program.

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    05-10-14 12:26 AM
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    Replying to Kbz1960 actually the bar file packaged with BB10 WebWorks ought to work on BB10. I have not tried on real device as I do not own one.

    Replying to EchoesFX, the best thing you can do to teach with Blockly is to download zipped Blockly file from Googlecode and set up your own server.

    I have been looking into Ardublock in order to write code for microcontroller. And I shall be promoting Ardublock and selling component kits for Arduino in my webshop.
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    05-10-14 01:31 PM

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